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SlipAway172 12-01-2004 05:38 PM

how to report a bug
i need to report a bug to mandrakesoft but find out how to. it isnt specific at all. i have my security settings to high and only the root can reboot or halt. and on the logon prompt if i hit either one and type the pass. and hit enter OR click the valid button it will not depress the button and will do NOTHING so i have to logon on and go to the knsole and type halt or reboot.

XavierP 12-01-2004 05:41 PM

This may not be a bug. It may be a result of your security settings to prevent an outsider from rebooting your box without your knowledge. Try turning the settings to standard and see if it still occurs.

SlipAway172 12-01-2004 05:46 PM

i had it set the same on my 10.0 box and it works but on 10.1 it dosent. and i HAVE To have it set to high bc everybody gets on that computer and snoop around so it helps lock down the system very well. and i have it for the root can only halt of reboot bc they believe in shutting down computers when shutting down dose more harm than good. ( thermal stress) ( i have already had one Gigabyte mobo go out bc of thermal stress)

XavierP 12-01-2004 06:05 PM

This may then be a 'fix' to prevent unauthorised reboots. You could try contacting Mandrake, or joining their mailing list to see if this is 'known' and maybe try for a more secure root password so you don't have to do this......

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