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TimeFade 12-28-2003 11:06 AM

how to copy mandrake rescue from cdrom to harddrive?
Okay this is an odd question but one that will help me.

How do I take the mandrake rescue off of the cdrom and drop it on my harddrive so hat I can start it up from there?

Any suggestions?

And I mean being able to boot into it from the hard drive ... at least where is it hidden and how do i get to it?

wldkos 12-28-2003 01:13 PM

why? Im sure there must be some reason, but having a rescue cd on your hdd wouldn't make sense cuz how would you access it if something were fucked?

TimeFade 12-29-2003 02:50 AM

well the sit is this.

I have both 9.2 and 9.1 mandrake on install disks, but for one reason and another I can't install from them. but I can run rescue from both. the 9.1 rescue can read my 2 partitions, one is fat16 the other is fat32. the new kernal (rescue 9.2)for some reason cant mount them saying that it doesn't support them (for the rescue kernal).

I can work from the rescue disks for now just to play around and atleast have linux available. the dos I use right now to start up doesn't have the drivers I need to run my usb cdrom and my pcmcia nic. (I haven't looked for them since I am playing on getting rid of it) but linux does. so most of my copying to try to get linux installed is through linux after I start the rescue.

the way I get into them is through grub for dos. I boot into dos, load grub, load the boot image off my disk, it loads linux and its drivres then asks for the location of the mandrake files (which are on my cdrom). after all that it loads the rescue, and I have a minimal running of linux on my system running in memory. with the rescue I mount my cdrom, and harddrives, can load up my pcmcia nic, and even my usb minidrive.

so I would prefer to have it on my hardive, but not the whole cdrom. so I am wondering from where on the cdrom the rescue pulls its file.

that explain it enough?

wldkos 12-29-2003 09:58 AM

dude, FAT 16??? Thats like windows 98 and pre. Fat 32 is more recent but still shit. Linux can read/write to these partitions but what it needs is Ext2/3/XFS/Reiser partitions to be native on. I think you need to try installing mandrake, and making a "XFS" partition in your hard drive about 7 gigs for mandrake, leaving your windows intact. Then you can install linux and grub to your MBR and have a functioning install.

Ajarn 12-31-2003 12:16 AM

I agree with widkos.
Don't waste your time with all those arobics.

I just did an install on 4 Gb.
Sure, not much room left to play, but the guy wanted it only to learn what it was about and see if all the progs could replace windowsprogs.

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