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xiongnu 10-15-2004 08:35 PM

Help: installing new driver for ATI Rage Pro

i'm trying to install a linux driver for my ATI Rage Pro card which i acquired from Sourceforge Dri website ( rage128-20040911-linux.i386.tar to be exact. when i try to compile the package, system creates a error log with the following msg:
" Makefile:169: *** Cannot find a kernel config file. Stop."

what does this mean? i think i have kernel source installed on my machine. 2.6.3-7mdk

ponkanMonster 10-16-2004 12:04 AM

try alsa
dude, what is the exact model of your sound card? i just tried alsa on sound cards and they work. :newbie:

xiongnu 10-16-2004 12:34 AM

nah, it's ATI Rage Pro graphics card, not a sound card;)

well, guess what? it turns out i didn't have linux kernel source code installed, strange, since i have compiled the source code of mplayer as well as some other softwares on my machine since my initial plunge into mandrake a month ago, always thought i had source code installed. but after some reading and a look at /usr/src/linux-2.X/ it turns out i didn't have source code in that directory. no problem, so i installed kernel-source-2.6.3-7mdk and then bingo, rage128-20040911-linux.i386.tar got installed. but even better things occured, i couldn't boot into X windows, received some error msg like:

(EE) module ABI minor version (7) is newer than the server's version (6)
(EE) Failed to load module "ati" (module requirement mismatch, 0)
(EE) No drivers available.

Fatal server error:
no screens found

after another hour or so online research, it turns out that my XFree86 is too old for the ati module to load, so i grab the latest XFree86-4.4.0 source code from and install it, it's a whopping 300m source code after untar. as of now, i'm still building binaries out the source code, 75 minutes in the making...

da*n, i have lost serveral weekend's nightly rest to mandrake since i plunge into it last month...:newbie:

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