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Dgonik 08-05-2007 10:35 AM

Grub Error 17
I was installing Mandriva, when it was done, I had to reboot. After I rebooted I got a error from Grub "error 17". I am total noob, can you please tell me what commands to put in to fix this? What should I mount to what, and how to do it? Thanks in advance!

help_a_newbie 08-05-2007 02:08 PM

Hi, I'm a newbie too, but I googled this and I think I've understood something. First of all, what are your partitions (windows, linux etc.)?

U will have to remount these partitions right, in order grub to work.

I'll try to search for more info...

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Dgonik 08-05-2007 02:40 PM

Yes that I know.. but how.. I've found many answers for error also, but none of them work with my setup for some reason.. or maybe I am just a newb. ^_^.

Device: Boot: Start: End: Blocks: Id: System:

/dev/hda1/ * 1 16089 ..... 7 HPFS/NTFS
/dev/hda2/ 16090 30401 ..... 5 Extended
/dev/hda5/ 16090 17108 ..... 83 Linux
/dev/hda6/ 17109 17617 ..... 82 Linux Swap/Sol
/dev/hda7/ 17618 30401 ..... 83 Linux

My hard drive is 250GB. I have two partitions. One of them is Windows XP, and on the other free space I installed Mandriva. After installation was done, I had to reboot, and I get this message:

Booting from Local Disk
Grub Loading Stage 1.5

Grub loading, please wait...
Error 17

And nothing happens afterwards. As far as I understand it is currently booting from my Windows partition..? How do I change it so I have a choice between booting from Linux or Windows? Am I supposed to go into the rescue mode and type some commands? I've searched through many forums and followed many instructions and I always get some weird messages, either Kernel is not loaded, or no such directory exist and so on.. Please help! Thanks in advance!

Junior Hacker 08-05-2007 07:07 PM

This error is produced when grub cannot recognize the file system it's second stage files are in. This usually happens when you install grub in the wrong partition, like the Windows partition for example (/dev/hda1) instead of installing it to /dev/hda which is the MBR of the disk.
If this is the case, even after repairing grub, you may not be able to boot Windows because it's boot files have been overwritten by grub.
Put the 1st Mandriva CD or DVD in the drive and boot the computer. Make your way to a root terminal and issue these commands to repair it:

root (hd0,2)
setup (hd0)

Mandriva also gives the option to repair it automatically, the instructions below are for Mandrake, but Mandriva still uses the same installer so it'll probably be more or less the same steps involved if you want to try this first, which I recommend you should:

1: Boot the computer with the first install CD or DVD in the drive.
2: When given the option to press enter to install or press a F(x)
combination where (x) represents a number for options, press the
appropriate F(x) key to see the options. Most often you need to
type: linux rescue    at the prompt if there is no rescue related
3: The installer will load drivers into memory and should present
a list of rescue operations. If a progress bar shows up and goes to
the end and appears to hang there, hit the "Esc" key on the keyboard
to view the list of options.
4: If you see an entry like so: "Re-install Boot Loader", highlight
it if needed by using the arrow keys, then hit the "Tab" key on the
keyboard to highlight the "OK" switch and hit enter.
5: Linux will mount the installation and ask to press Enter to
continue, hit "Enter"
6: It will do it's thing and tell you to press Enter to return to
Rescue GUI, hit "Enter".
7: At the GUI with the list of options, use arrow keys to highlight
"Reboot", then hit "Tab" key till "OK" is highlighted and remove the
disc from the drive, hit "Enter" to reboot.

If you did actually install grub in the Windows partition, you'll have to restore Windows boot with it's installation CD, which you may have to do first.

syg00 08-06-2007 12:34 AM

I wonder if it's trying to boot that Extended partition rather than the logical (presumably hda5).
If Junior Hacker idea doesn't work, see if you have the option to boot into your disk install, and try that.

From there, open a terminal window, and

su -
root (hd0,4)
setup (hd0)

Then try a reboot

Dgonik 08-06-2007 01:34 PM

Thank you all for your help, very much appreciated! What I did was reinstall the OS, and when the option of installing the boot loader came up, I simply set it to install on MRB. Now everything works fine! Thank you all!

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