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Frank_Drebin 04-18-2004 09:19 PM

Gnome 2.6 install success
just a note, the Gnome 2.6 files in cooker work greak on Mandrake 10-official release. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to try Gnome 2.6. It's great.

Just go in to media manager in the Mandrake Control Center and add the ftp site for cooker as a security update.

Good luck!

garretwp 04-18-2004 09:57 PM

What was the ftp site that you used? I was tring to install garnome on mandrake but ran into dependency proplems with there intsall. If you can help it would be much appreciated. Also did you just have it update all of gnomes stuff or did you select what you wanted?


equinox 04-19-2004 02:55 AM

yea wanna share more info on the cooker link, i went to mandrake's site and tested most of the cooker links there but none work

equinox 04-19-2004 07:13 AM


anybody know how???

Frank_Drebin 04-19-2004 09:30 AM

I use club-member mirror only so I can't give it out here. However, I looked at some of the mirrors listed for public access and they were in there too. You have to go in to devel in most of them.

Here is one that was great...

just add this to your update list as a security update.
Be very careful, this folder is all development software, I recommend you only get what you want, do not use it for general updates!!!!!

equinox 04-19-2004 09:41 AM

nevermind - sorry about that, i found my way on the club site :P

garretwp 04-19-2004 11:42 AM

i found a couple of sites that had the cooker rpms on there, the problem is most of them that work have an issue with some of the signatures on the rpms. for exampl when i downloads the gnome2 2.6 release package it installed what it need to run, i had issues with gnome vfs rpms as it said that it had a bad signature. I do now know if you had any isses with that. Also what gnome packages did you install for it to be successfull? i went into install packages and slected the gnome2 package. i beleive you have to install more than that for gnome 2.6 to work completley? If you can give me a more detail way of how you installed it, it would be appreciated. e.g what packages did you selcet to update/install? as right now my gnome desktop is not running right for some of the issues i stated above. but my kde desktop is working, so i can fix it fromin there or on the command promt.


Frank_Drebin 04-19-2004 12:18 PM

I installed Gnome 2.4 with the original install of Mandrake. I just upgraded to Gnome 2.6. No errors, nor any problems. If you use valid, Mandrake mirrors, it will work. Get Gnome 2.4 working first and let it upgrade. The cooker also has gimp2 and it upgraded just fine.

garretwp 04-19-2004 01:22 PM

Ihad gnome 2.4 working when i went to install the gnome 2.6 rpms from the install program in mandrake some of the rpms had signature problems. Did you use the update program and not the install program to upgrade to gnome 2.6 or did you choose what gnome packages you wanted installed?


devinWhalen 04-19-2004 02:23 PM

Are you able to do this by using urpmi ?? If so, what do I put after urpmi package_name


Frank_Drebin 04-19-2004 02:34 PM

I just used the Mandrake Control Center. I added the mirror as a security update location. Gnome 2.6 packages were listed the next time I hit "update". I updated all gnome programs, libgnome, nautilus, etc...

When I rebooted, I had Gnome 2.6, no errors or messages. It just worked.

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