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caged 05-26-2004 10:17 PM

getting psyBNC working on mandrake 10

as the title suggests im trying to get psybnc working on my mandrake 10 community computer cos i have this computer and my slackware machine both using irc clients but ill only be at one so i may as well have them both use the same nick.

when i try and run ./psybnc as root it warns me that im running it as root but as far as screen out put is concerned looks fine. after checking ps -x and other system process moniters i cant see psybnc running at all. there is no program running with the PID psybnc sez its running on.

if i try and run psybnc as the user ben (me) it spits out an error:

Can't open pidfile. Aborting.
the log file has these problems to mention

Thu May 27 14:43:01 :Program Context : src/p_peer.c/killoldlistener Line 424
Thu May 27 14:43:01 :SEGMENT VIOLATION - Crashing

Thu May 27 14:43:01 :Can't create listening sock on host * port 31337 (bind)

can anyone help, please.

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