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austinjreid 08-28-2003 08:17 AM

from kde -> fluxbox
Hi all,

I've been using linux on and off for a few years (since RH5.2), and now using MDK9.1, and can gladly say I booted my WinXP partition for at least 3 months now!! Maybe I can finally rid!!!

I'm currently using KDE-3.1.3 on a Duron1.1GHz, and would like to move to a lighter desktop/WM such as FluxBox as I'm about to get a DVD+RW so I'll need the resources!

Could anyone tell me/give me any hints or tips about what I may need to be aware of by moving from KDE to FluxBox.

I thought about what answers I may get so it may help if I give a few examples of apps I currently use .... question is will I still be able to run them under a different WM or are there better candidates:

Email: Evolution
Web: Konqueror/Opera
Chat: Kopete
text editing: Kate
graphics: Gimp
movies: xine
music: xmms
system stats: GKrellm
Firewall: shorewall
eyecandy: superkaramba showing weather and news

And on the specific FluxBox side: for mdk, whats the best way of getting it? download and compile source?
How easy is it to configure the menus? Create icons for my apps? Configure desktop image?

HOw do I change my mdk to autostart FluxBox? I think this may be done in the MDKControlCentre? Am I right?

I thank you all in advance for any help you can give me, or if you can point me in any directions I will go find! :)


Ok, so I just checked out the newbie docs on and they seem to hold many of the set-up answers I'm looking for but if any fluxbox users out there have any handy hints for a 'fluxbox newbie' then please shout........

Proud 08-28-2003 07:34 PM

For Mandrake, I installed a fluxbox 0.1.14 .rpm - the latest stable release. This'll add the Fluxbox entry to your graphical login manager for you.
Then when I install the latest cvs for testing the cool new features, I remember to ./configure --prefix=/usr (for Mandrake systems). There are other good options like --enable-kde, but you can read --help for those. This overwrites the installed binaries-could be risky without the stable .rpm to reinstall via maybe KDE, or a without a stable source backup.

Icons are dealt with be a seperate app. There is fbdesk, but I like Idesk, or you could use Rox Filer's ability.

A window manager is simply that, something which manages the windows of the current apps. Desktop Environments like KDE or GNOME have their own major toolkits for app graphics, but all apps run the same under any window manager.

Backgrounds in flux can be set once, in ~/.fluxbox/startup, in the style you select (see the rootCommand: line), or forced to remain as one, see the rootCommand: line in ~/.fluxbox/init. Also, using fbsetbg will determine the best background setting app on your pc and use that, making it more likely to work well with transparencies etc. :cool:

kundor 08-28-2003 09:19 PM

I'm pretty sure superkaramba won't work in fluxbox....but I could be wrong.

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