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Nay_Nay 09-17-2005 10:03 AM

Fatal error finishing initialisation
I have been trying to install Mandriva and this happens

Fatal error finishing initialisation

I had a look at the log and saw;

*have to insmod usbkbd
*needs usbkbd
* succeeded usbkbd
*have to insmod keybdev
*needs keybdev
*/modules/moduler.mar: No such file or directory
*warning, inmod failed (keybdev (null)) (1)
*PCMCIA: probing PCIbus . .
* not found.
*PCMCIA: probing for Intel PCIC (ISA) . .
* not found.
*PCMCIA: probing for Databook TCIC-2 (ISA) . .
* not found.
*no pcmcia adapter found
*AUTOMATIC: parameter cdrom for method meand returning CDROM drive.
*have to insmor ide - cd
*needs ide - cd
* succeeded ide - cd
*looking for ide media
*IDE/1: hda is a ST320410A
*IDE/1: hdb is a ST320014A
*IDE/0: hdc is a FX4830T
*IDE/0: hdd is a CD-ROM 52X/AKH
*mounting /dev/hdc on /sysroot/tmp/image as type iso9660
*have to insmod isofs
*need isofs
* succeeded isofs
*found a Mandrakelinux CDROM, Good news!
*Total memory: 170 Mbytes
*mount_clp_may_preload: /sysroot/tmp/image/install/stage2/mdkinst.clp into /sysroot/tmp/stage2 (preload = 1)
*short write (Bad adderss)
*third party: using modules location /sysroot/tmp/image
*fopen(stage1.c:337) Failed: no such file or directory
*unsetting automatic
*exiting boot splash

Can anyone help me out?

I am a newbie, but no one in the newbie forum would help me.

any help would be really nice indeed!

:scratch: :scratch: :scratch: :scratch:

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