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Boudewijn 10-08-2004 07:28 PM

Error USB-HUB on booting due in mdk10 due to mx700

Booting just crashes when my MX700 mouse (logitech) is plugged in, at the point of booting usb-hci ....

My PC just waits for hours, when I pull that mouse out it's about half a second.
I've had about 10 10.0 installs, and never had this problem. Can somebody tell what's wrong?

opjose 10-09-2004 04:39 AM

You may have another conflicting USB module being loaded at boot time by another module which requires the conflicting USB mod.

Try the NOUSB option to the kernel and then manually load the require modules.

You can also use this to see which is the offending module as well.

Boudewijn 10-09-2004 08:36 AM

I've just tried rebooting with no other USB devices, and I'm getting the same error.

opjose 10-09-2004 09:09 AM

Booting with no USB devices connected is NOT the same as issuing the kernel-load time nousb option.

You may want to try playing with this and the other kernel switches such as nolapic.

Boudewijn 10-09-2004 09:36 AM

Ok, thanks; I'll give it a try this evening

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