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ssenuta 04-10-2006 11:49 AM

Discovery-2006 doesn't boot. Need help with the mkinitrd command
I need help running the mkinitrd command. Is it possible to run mkinitrd and
have it create an initrd.img file for a kernel that is "not active"? Also, if
this isn't possible can I edit the existing Initrd.img file or its linuxrc
file and then save-as a new /boot/initrd.img for the new kernel?

Here is my delima:

I installed the Mandriva Discovery-2006 OS and discovered that it won't boot
because the release-kernel doesn't recognize my onboard ide controller. I also
found a kernel patch that address this problem on the VIA website but the patch
instructions require me to create a new initrd.img for the patched kernel-

I can't create this initrd.img as instructed by the patch readme instruction
file because it says to use the Mandrive install CD1 and boot into "rescue
mode". However, Rescue mode doesn't work for my Discovery linux. Selecting
this option only starts a new install. By-the-way, The "Live-cd" supplied
with Discovery-2006 doesn't work properly either. It complains that it cannot
mount its "loopfs" and then drops me into a miminal nash shell.

I don't mean beatup on Mandriva. I had there Mandrake-8.0 & Mandrake-9.2
distributions and was satisfied with both of them. I am also sure I will
be pleased with the Mandriva Discovery-2006 distribution if I can get it
to boot.

Thank you all for reading this post & I'm looking forward to any advice
you guys or gals can offer.

Emmanuel_uk 04-24-2006 08:31 AM

>>have it create an initrd.img file for a kernel that is "not active
Assuming you can boot one way or another, I think the answer is yes.
Assuming your patched kernel is in place,
you would do the whole compilation thing (necessary?),
then mkinitrd
then copy Initrd.img to /boot/initrd2.img

If ou install grub instead of lilo you can just edit for one boot
the command line and say to use initrd2.img

>>Rescue mode doesn't work for my Discovery linux

There is an updated kernel for mandriva 2006 free (version 2.6.12.-14mdk I think).
Maybe will not help.

Did you try mandriva 2006 free?
DId you check your iso / are you sure it is well burnt?

>>onboard ide controller
>>patch readme instruction
Any link?

Is this a sata drive?
Is there a legacy mode in the bios that works?

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