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Flossie 03-08-2004 05:51 AM

Creating New Partitions on a Second Drive
I'm having a couple of problems with Linux Partitions and I'm hoping someone can help.
When I first installed Linux a year ago I installed it onto a 1 Gig Hard Drive with two Partitions / and /home at the time this was enough and I wasn't really doing much with it. However I've now filled the Drive and I want to add a second hard drive with Partitions for /var,/etc,/usr and /tmp. Is it possible for me to mount these drives onto my system and then copy the Data from the relevant folders under / into the new partitions I have created on the new,second, Hard drive.

Has anyone done anything like this before. How would I go about do this.

I don't want to have to Start from scratch and have to install linux again.

Someone suggested that I format and partition the drive and mount it onto /mnt so that I could copy the relevant data into the correct partitions.

I would then be able to Mount the partition permanently in the fstab file.

However what will happen to the var,etc,usr and tmp folders under / will i have to delete these in order for linux to point at the correct partitions instead.

Hope this makes sense to someone.



aikempshall 03-08-2004 07:02 AM

If you mount the new partition that contains the /var files over the existing /var directory and have the entry in fstab on reboot you will see your new /var directory. The old /var directory will still be there will all it's data intact you just won't be able to see/use it.

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