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xavierh 03-27-2004 12:38 PM

Creating a link to a CDROM / DDVDrom in the desktop
I'm using Mandrake 9.2 and what I'm trying to do is to create a link in the desktop (I'm using KDE 3.1) for my CD-RW and my DVD-ROm.

I right click on the desktop, select Create New and select CD/DVD-ROM Device, but when try to click on the newly created icon in the desktop the following message appears.

Could not mount device.
The reported error was:
mount: according to mtab, none is already mounted on /mnt/cdrom2
mount failed

Can anybody explain this?


wiBo 03-27-2004 01:30 PM

just go in console & type :

ln -s /mnt/MOUNT_POINT_OF_YOUR_CD_DRIVE /path/to/link/like/Desktop/

See ya

xavierh 03-27-2004 05:50 PM

Thanks wiBO, but what I need is to create a new link to the dvd-rom drive in my desktop, instea dof the one that KDE creates...

wiBo 03-27-2004 07:54 PM

ok, i have this prob me too, i don't know how to remove the link by default?

It is your problem same mine?

xavierh 03-28-2004 08:31 PM

Same Problem?
I don't know weibo, if your problem is the same as mine. what I'm trying to do is create a different link to the cdrom in the desktop instead of the one that gets created by kde....

Boow 03-28-2004 08:59 PM

I dont know what cdrom is in the /dev folder in mandrake you could try ln -s /dev/xxx /dev/dvd where xxx is the name of your cd/dvd device. On my mandrake 10beta I already had these symlinks.

xavierh 03-29-2004 03:25 PM

Thanks boow but I think I'm not making myself clear. Let me see if I can explain myself better.

when you log tino KDE, you will see, if everyting is workign correctly the icons for your optical drvies (in my case 2: DVD-ROM and CD_RW). They are named by KDE, as CD-ROM and CD-ROM2 and are mounted by defautl (the system uses "supermount" to mount them, and the work just fine.

Since I'm picky I would like to use different icons and assing them other names in the desktop (instead of CD-ROM and CD-ROM2).

I tried to do that by right-clicking on the desktop icon but there is no option to change the names nor the icons. The only optiona available are:
Open (self explanatory)
Mount (can;t do that since only root can mount the drvie and the drvie is already mounted).
Properties: you would expect to be able to change the link name or the icon in this window, but you can.

Having gone down that oad I decided to see if I can create a new link to a CD-ROM in the desktop. I right cliecke don the desktop and selected create new cd-rom/dvdrom and I'm able to select the icon and cd-rom optical drvie that I want to work with, but when I double click on the icon, it gives the error that I mentioned in my first message.

Let me know if you need more information to help me out....

Kermlet 03-30-2004 11:46 PM

Yes Xavierh,

I'm having the exact same problem with Mandrake 9.2 It also bugs the tar out of me that I cannot re-assign the icons or rename the link, and also that I cannot change the defaults. My guess is that it has something to do with how KDE recognizes the optical drives. I'm sure there is a config file somewhere defining this but for now it seems that we cannot alter the mount system being used so as to re-define the defaults.

Both my CD-RW and my DVD-ROM are LG, so maybe it is just recognizing them both this way. I did not see anything when installing Mandrake 9.2 about defining these, so I'm at a loss. But I did want you to know that I'm having the same problem Been doing some homework on it (that's how I arrived here) but no luck so far. I'll keep you posted.

zaharia 03-31-2004 12:50 AM

9.2 default desktop config leaves a lot to be desired. I just found that recently when I installed 9.2 for the first time. 8.2 default was much better IMO.
You need to change your desktop config and what options you give your right mouse clicks. This is done in the Control Center. Problem is I am at work right now and using damn Windows and don't have a Mandrake system infront of me, so i can only point in the general direction. You start from K and look for the Configuration options. It IS in there somewhere burried deep deep inside. I had to do that myself when i installed 9.2 for the very first time then clicked with the right mouse button and got ...nothing. I had to hunt for it myself and find it. Once you assign different options to your right mouse clicks you can do everything including rename and all. This major oversight screw up made me so mad, I switched to Debian. Got KNOPPIX, installed it, ran apt-get update and I am happy! Mandrake can go to hell as far as i am concerned. Easy to install, sure yeah, RIGHT!
Anyway, enough rambling. Sorry.To change your right mouse click you need to go inside the Configuration center. It's in there somewhere.

Kermlet 03-31-2004 10:02 AM

Thanks zaharia, but that's not the problem. Mandrake will let you rename or reassign other icons anytime you want (as you suggested w/ the right click), but it will not let you alter the defaults for devices .

I have found more information pertaining to this question here:

Screwed up mnt points with Mandrake control center

and here:

Desktop Icon Issue with KDE and Mandrake 9.2

Hope it helps, I got these from searching the forums for exact match: CD-ROM2
good luck : )

xavierh 03-31-2004 02:44 PM

Thanks everybody for the help. I'll check the last couple fo links in this thread and see what I can come up with. I would not say that Mandrake sucks, it is just that this issue is a little bit cumbersome.

I have managed to work with it with no problem so far and it is just these little details that get in the way fo a "perfect" experience, but then agian, no OS can provide that....

xavierh 03-31-2004 08:56 PM

I followed the recommendation to create a link to the location instead of creating a cd/dvdrom link and I manage to do what I wanted....

thanks guys

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