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Thames 05-12-2004 04:45 PM

compiling 2.6.5/6 in mdk 9.2
Hi there

I am trying to compile kernels 2.6.5/6 in mdk 9.2
2.6.x apparently won't recognise 'supermount' and therefore won't load the cdroms at boot

I downloaded the latest patch 'supermount-2.0.4.-2.6.3.patch' from Sourceforge and applied it .
I know that it isn't thecorrect patch for the release but it is the latest

ON 'make I get the following error
fs/namespace.c:793 In function 'do mount'
fs/namespace.c.:793 error 'FS_NO_SUBMIT' undeclared ( first use in this function)

other errors etc.

Can supermount be enabled in 2.6.x without this patch?
Will I have to wait for an update?
Have I missed something to enable in .config?

Also had a problem with ps2 mouse - seemed to freeze after I opened nautilus

Any helpful suggestions etc. - greatly appreciated


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