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iwkua 06-06-2004 09:09 PM

Community vs 10 Community
I was updating my sources on easy urpmi today and I noticed They list community and community 10 seperately. Does that mean that community 10 is just that community 10, and that plain old community is where 10.1 is going to be found? Or are the the exact same thing?

Dr. Ephemeron 06-08-2004 02:30 AM

Download the official and install it. The community is now just a big headache... updates are seriously bad and can break things good. ;)

iwkua 06-08-2004 10:22 PM

Nah I want to run 10.1 (as soon as its out) however I dont want the cooker (thats too unstable for me). I know community is after some basic cooker bugs are fixed it goes to community. I was just wondering which community would 10.1 be coming to.

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