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springshades 07-15-2005 01:25 PM

Change Name of Kernel in Recompile
When you recompile the kernel in mandrake, the name of the kernel stays the same except the mdk at the end becomes mdkcustom. I'd like to keep that mdk as mdk when I recompile. How do I do this? I'm not recompiling the kernel to change the kernel in any way, I actually just have to have a configured kernel source to compile another module (drm). Problem is that it wants me to run make dep on the source, and Mandrake won't let you do that, plus the name gets changed, so the module that I'm building won't load on start up. It would be completely retarded to have to recompile and installed the kernel and ALL the modules just to get this one module working correctly. I haven't found a way to change the name that the kernel gets when it recompiles though.

Help please any expert out there.

EDIT: Don't worry about this, I think I found the answer. For those who are curious, I think it is in one of the top lines in the base Makefile of the source (i.e. /usr/src/linux/Makefile). Sorry, maybe this one was obvious, I just couldn't find it right away because there were so many different files to look at.

acid_kewpie 07-15-2005 02:06 PM

that's a pretty odd thing to want to change... why not have more fun and call it after yourself, or the machine... infact you really shouldn't force it back to mdk, as that implies it's a stock kernel again, which it isn't and could easily confuse others if you are after support for a kernel related issue.

springshades 07-16-2005 08:06 PM

Well, this is something of a strange case. In order to get 3D support for my card, I needed to build dri from CVS. That involves compiling, Mesa, and DRM. In order to build DRM, it is necessary to have a configured kernel source for your current kernel. Now I havent had to recompile my kernel yet, but I downloaded it and was having errors with the compile because I wasn't able to go far enough into the recompile process. This is because make dep doesn't work for some reason, it says it's unnecessary and won't execute... I know it's unnecessary in most cases, but in mine it is, because make clean isn't enough to make the DRM build go without errors.. (I don't know if the make dep thing is a Mandrake specific thing, or if it's just part of the newer kernels.) So... I decided to just go through with it and recompile the kernel. It IS in fact the stock kernel or an equivalent because I simply loaded the existing .config file and recompiled the kernel. After that, DRM built itself with no errors. However, the modules wouldn't load because... you guessed it... version magic gave me hell about the kernel being called mdk instead of mdkcustom. Yippy. So, the quick and easy fix, without any major side effects to speak of, was to just change the name of the kernel to mdk when I compiled it. The alternative would've been to recompile the kernel AND all the modules then actually install them. I just wish make dep would've worked, then I wouldn't have had to deal with any of this stuff.

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