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lex0429 09-26-2003 11:02 AM

Cant enter password
i am dual booting mandrake 9.1 with XP. XP is the first partition on the master drive and mandrake the beginning of the slave drive. here is a quick run down of system specs;

asus A7n8x Deluxe MB
2 x 120 GB hard drives
1 GB Memory
ATI all in wonder 9700 pro

to get around the 1GB or more memory problem at the install screen i pressed F1 then typed Linux VGA=0..this let the install continue although the graphical setup didnt look like it should. anyway i get through the install and then when i load mandrake instead of the graphical screen to select which OS to boot and which user to use i get a text based one. i type in my username, hit enter then am prompted for my password yet i cant type anything. i just have to hit enter and then get prompted for username and then the cycle continues. I am more curious as to why i am getting those text based screens then the password problem, i can probably fix that by leaving the password blank.. any help would be greatly appreciated

activelylazy 09-26-2003 11:33 AM

By default when you type in the password at the text prompt, instead of printing asterisks or bullets, it just doesn't print anything. So if you haven't already, do the standard routine of typing it in slowly, checking the caps lock, etc.

If that doesn't doesn't solve the password problem then I'm afraid I'll be no help at all because I'm not familiar with the "Linux VGA =0" command. But I will say that you're probably getting the text based screens instead of the graphical interface because the graphical interface got screwed up. And for lack of a better place to point a finger, i'd say to make sure you're using the "Linux VGA =0" command correctly.

Good luck, I hope the next guy is more help than what I probably was.

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