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akihandyman 11-19-2004 06:58 PM

Burn audio track from DVD to CD?
I want to know if it is possible to burn audio track from DVD to CD.
So I can make an audio CD with audio track from DVD.

opjose 11-19-2004 11:20 PM


Follow the directions at and set up your sources.

Once done, go into "Install Software" and search the descriptions for the words


etc and install any (or all) packages.

You will get numerous programs installed that will permit you to do what you want.

You must first "rip" the DVD to the hard disk then use one of the transcoders to extract the audio stream.

The Audio stream can be saved as a wav file that can be re-encoded to MP3 or burned to CD.

You can also edit the files using many of the provided audio tools.

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