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jeevanism 11-27-2010 07:57 AM

broadcom issue with Ndiswrapper(trick)
I recently bought a Samsung laptop in which the broadcom device 4727 wifi card. I installed Mandriva free2010 spring and it did not detect the wifi card. when I tried to install a new wifi connection from MCC, it gave me an option for ndiswrapper. even it did not work. I was trying so many option for last 3 days,.. Today I got it working. Here are the steps I followed..

1.i installed dkms-broadcom-wl (kernel module for broadcom wirless adapters)
2.broadcom-wl-kernel- is not mandatory!!!)
3.I uninstalled nidswrapper (this is important)
5.choose desktop-
6.configured wifi network from MCC

Drakeo 11-28-2010 10:48 PM

plug your computer in to a hardwire.connect to the Internet. if no Internet put your install disk in.
click the configure my computer icon. put in your pass word then click browse configure hardware. now find your card you will have a choice between the the open source sta driver the companies bcm driver and the worthless ndiswrapper driver. I like the company driver but have had good luck with the new sta driver.
bcm company driver is stock with the kernel but. the firmware to run it will be install only when the owner of the device request it. How do you request it . by configuring it for that driver in mandrivia.
this is do to licenses policy of the firmware cutter that extract the firmware. after that go configure your access point.
this also done in setting up
thanks for the info on the bcm4727

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