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RancidWannaRiot 12-05-2003 10:18 AM

Booting Options with lilo or grub
I'm a newbie.. so be nice to me

I installed Mandrake 9.2

When it comes time to boot up (with lilo or grub) i get different linux options like linux-enterise, linux, and linux-nonfb (something like that).

what is the difference?! i know once of them just let's you ok the booting process one by one.. but some of them seem to have no difference...

is there a difference? which would be best to boot with?

jkobrien 12-05-2003 10:35 AM

They are three different versions of the kernel, all compiled with different options or maybe from different versions of the source code - though that's unlikely in this case.

The nonfb one will have no support for framebuffers, I don't know what the difference will be between the other two. If you look in /boot you'll probably see three config files corresponding to the three kernels. If you read down through these files you'll find the differences. If they mean nothing to you have a read through /usr/src/linux/Documentation/

If it still means nothing to you, and everything works ok. Don't worry about it, you can do some reading around to start figuring out what all the components are. There will be a lot of material in the Documentation directory and all over the web.


rberry88 12-05-2003 10:37 AM

How many kernels do you have?? When I first installed Mandrake 9.2 it put linux and linux-nonfb into the Grub bootloader screen. The different options have to do with either different kernels or how the kernel can be booted differently without adding any arguments to the boot. I use just the "linux" one to boot Mandrake with which I renamed to Mandrake 9.2.


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