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Wyk3d 12-24-2004 08:57 AM

Best file system for corruption protection?
Hello LQ members
I am having a load of problems with ext2 because i've had a lot of power outages and it got corrupted in a weird way and now i can't compile because after a while it finds an unattached inode or something and reboots corrupting the partition ever more. The only thing i can do is switch to another file system that doesn't get corrupted as easily as ext2.

What's the best filesystem i can use to protect my data in such a case ?

Thanks in advance

Mystified 12-24-2004 02:41 PM

I use Reiser and have had corrupted data once from a hard shutdown but I was able to repair it. But many people have told me they've never had any file corruption with ext 3.

Wyk3d 12-24-2004 06:02 PM

Damn, i could have put ext3 when i installed Mandy but i didn't :mad: . I read somewhere that ext2 is the best filesystem for linux and a mixture of forgetting to read the date of article and having almost 0 linux knowledge back then made me chose ext2 over ext3 :(.

I'm planning to make reiser4 partitions. Are you talking about reiser4 or something below? Because it's a whole new story.

The problem is i can't compile the libs for reiser and i'll have to set up linux just to be able to compile and then create the reiser4 partitions :(.


mrcheeks 12-24-2004 06:17 PM

on linux i always keep a ext2 filesystem for boot partition.
For anything else reisefs, xfs or jfs.

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