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rps63ifid 02-03-2005 06:52 AM

Alternate US update mirror?
Does anyone have a recommendation for an alternate update mirror here in the US? I have always used, but it doesn't appear to have been updated for at least two weeks. When I try to configure one of the other mirrors (e.g., as an alternate update source using rpmdrake, all of the ones I have tried come back with an error message like this:

"It's impossible to retrieve the list of new packages from the media 'update_source2'. Either this update media is misconfigured, and in this case you should use the Software Media Manager to remove it and re-add it in order to reconfigure it, either it is currently unreachable and you should retry later."

Any ideas on one I can point to that is current, is functional, and is reasonably fast?


Padma 02-03-2005 09:10 AM

My suggestion is to check out EasyUrpmi (see my sig for a link). Yeah, it uses the command line to set it up, but once done, you can use rpmdrake to access things. :)

(I think I have the Univerity of Michigan mirrors currently configured, by the way.)

rps63ifid 02-04-2005 06:48 AM

Thanks, Padma...

It looks like Michigan will work.

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