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viluve 04-26-2004 07:34 AM

ALSA - 5.1 doesn't work with Xine / Totem
Hi everyone,

I'm using Mandrake 10, Audigy sound card and enabled the ALSA driver.
Using xmms to play mp3, ALSA works perfectly (using the ALSA plugin) with sounds coming from all 5 speakers. But when I tried to play mp3 using Totem or Xine, the sound only come out from the 2 front speakers ( I've made sure the vol. for centre & rear speakers are not on 0 )

I did the test sound on the hardware config. and the sounds came from all 5 speakers which is good, and also during the booting process.. I can see that ALSA driver is loaded succesfully.

Thanks in advance


[NL]_Target 04-26-2004 10:39 AM

i'm not quite sure about this, since i don't have 5 speakers so I'm not speaking from experience, but what comes to mind is that xmms might be using some form of mixing the stereo sound to 5.1 sound so it goes to all speakers. Did you configure Totem and Xine to use ALSA? If so, then I think that it's some plugin for XMMS. Try playing a DVD with xine, if sound comes from 5 speakers when you play a 5.1 cd, then it is just the fact that xine plays stereo sound over 2 speakers, and xmms does it over 5. If xine still plays over 2 speakers when you know that the audio is 5.1, then you could check the xine website, cause then there is something wrong in xine... good luck

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