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thas 01-12-2004 09:44 AM

9.2 refuses to change default paper size!
Hi all,

Problem: the print jobs sent to my printers (no matter which printer I send to: HP 8000 series or Cannon Photo-printer) are always A4 even though I set the default paper size to letter.

Background/environment setup:
I have a fresh install of MDK9.2 and here is the problem description:
- Desktop is KDE
- Country/Region is set to Canada (English) and paper size is indicated as US Letter
- I used drakconf to setup the printers and specified 'letter' as the default paper size.
- When I send the print jobs (through kprinter), I verified that paper size is set to 'letter' (which is available through Tray 2).
- I tried setting paper source to 'Tray 2' and also tried 'Auto'.
- But the printer ALWAYS want me to insert A4 paper in Tray 1 !!
- IMPORTANT: I had these printers happily printing under MDK 9.1

- The test page sent during the printer setup process (in drakconf) works fine and comes through in the 'letter' size paper. Note that this paper size can be explicitly selected in the type of test page generated.

Any thoughts/pointers?

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