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EtherGhost 11-04-2006 11:59 PM

2007 freezes at boot-up on "Loading default keymap"
Hello, I tried installing Mandriva 2007 but it wont go past "Setting system clock" upon boot-up (thus, it's having problem on "Loading default keymap" since I already checked the clock thing is working).

However, if I change the default kernel to 2.6.12-12 (the Mandriva 2006 one), 2.6.13, etc. it works. But I do want the latest kernel, so please help.

I'm using a Japanese keyboard that hasnt caused me any problems so far, but it does have some "multimedia keys". Could this be the problem? I dont have a spare keyboard to test.

Emmanuel_uk 11-06-2006 02:46 AM

maybe boot as failsafe and see if you can change keyboard settings
with drakconf (it works in text mode)

maybe a question of recompiling the kernel
and changing whatever is missing or was added in the keyboard/language support.

I have little ideas here

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