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nigelc 05-29-2013 03:38 AM

xfce4 goes into a loop, does not start
On my recently installed mageia 3 system one of the users in xcfe4 does not start. There is lots of disk activity and the screen and the mouse hangs. It is ok with another user.
It is ok using gnome and other desktops. E17, LXDE.


nigelc 05-30-2013 06:42 AM

I have found out what is causing it!
Not sure how to fix it.

I managed to open up a terminal. It was running multiple instances of "xfsettingsd" This was causing the system to swap.

Did a killall xfsettingsd. Then xfdesktop started running multiple instances of itself.
Now it is ok.
There is something that needs to be deleted.

nigelc 06-02-2013 09:46 PM

I have fixed it.
I did an rm -fr ~/.cache/sessions

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