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GlennsPref 02-20-2013 07:39 AM

Magiea 3b2 kde4 screenlocker issues.
After viewing a few bug reports at kde4,

With no reeal solution....

I found no relief.

I had upgraded from Mageia 2 "current" to Cauldron (because steam requires libc.6 1.16,(Kubuntu crashes after playing a CS:S map with steam involved, but just playing with computer bots that's Kubuntu) and found a few flaws, like the (K)screen lock and the way to get the Proprietary nividia driver to insatall and work as expected.

I found that if at install you select the vesa driver, you can install the nvidia driver module. But if you allow the install to configure your system for you, you'll get the nouveau driver, which is quite difficult to remnove (in my experience)

I ended up fixing that and a "gui overlay"(duplicate screen over the defalt gui screen widgets (task bar, inotify)By deleting/renaming the ~.kde4 folder.

Now my desktop is free, and configurable. Yes, you will end up back at the Magiea defalt, But you may improve on that...

Cheers. Glenn



steam requires libc.6 1.16,
Steam is a game provider I use.

If I can get off of paying for buggy software I will!

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