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ennael 07-18-2012 07:01 AM

Mageia Bugsquad is hiring
Hi there!

You are using Mageia and you like it?
You see Mageia popularity growing and you would like it keeps going on that way?
You think Mageia could be even more better than it is?

You can help us then . Bugsquad is hiring people? Please have a look on If you think you can give some minutes, hours or days, please ping leuhmanu or marja by mail or on IRC, they are waiting for you.

False things about triaging bugs

- I need to be a guru: not at all, people will help you to start with and work is large enough to find something that will fit you
- Triaging is boring: not at all again . Triaging can put you in contact with all the people making Mageia, packagers team but also doc team, designers... It's a very good way to learn how Mageia is made and maybe become QA testers, packagers...
- Triaging is not that important: wrong! Triaging is essential so that bug reports can be properly handled. The quality of Mageia is linked to this.

We are waiting for you!


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