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moshebagelfresser 11-10-2013 01:32 PM

How do Install Latest Linus Kernel on Mageia 3
The latest I've seen is 3.8x and I'm wondering if anyone has succeeded in installing a newer Linus Kernel desktop with Headers etc? If so how is it done? I believe Kernel 11 or 12 is the latest. (For .deb installers this exists.)

widget 11-10-2013 09:10 PM

Mageia tries to be a solid OS rather than cutting edge. Therefore they pretty much stick with nice tried and true kernel versions.

Debian Stable, Wheezy is using 3.2

If you want to use a newer kernel you will have to go to the Cauldron release or upgrade to it. You should find it is use 3.12.

Haven't looked at Mageia 4 at all. I can tell you that I ran Mageia 3 all through its Cauldron stage with very little problem and 4 is being touted on the Mageia home page for people to try it at some alpha or maybe even beta stage now. They usually do not do that until it is running fairly reliably.

I am a Debian user that admires Mageia very much.

I am not using 3.12 and I am on Sid.

Should be upto date enough for you if you get Mageia 4.

You could, however, enable the Caldron media and simply install the kernel on 3 and then disable the Cauldron media. Personally I think that would be riskier than simply installing or upgrading to 4 altogether. That is quite a jump from 3.8. Some major changes since then.

This site should give a thorough list of kernels for supported Mageia releases and Cauldron which is, of coarse supported but not yet released as stable.

I only have Mageia 3 installed on my loaner drive which only has distros that I would recommend to noobs. If I were to switch my personal OS to Mageia I would dual boot 3 and 4 and use 4 as my production OS unless it had some major breakage. I like the newer stuff too.

Stable releases really should, however, stick to a stable set of packages. This is boring but it is the most reliable way to go.

I do have both Wheezy and Squeeze on a second drive here if I succeed in breaking both Debian testing and Sid. Haven't yet this dev cycle.

moshebagelfresser 11-11-2013 02:59 AM

How do I install Latest Kernel on Mageia 3
Yes you are quite right! Mageia 3 is a very stable distro. When I first started using Linux I literally knew nothing about it, and was advised back 2008 to start with Mandriva which I did. This too wasn't bad other than having trouble getting the webcam to work at the time as drivers had to searched for, which I eventually found. Ubuntu 12.04 froze in Skype and this made me look for a higher kernel. This brought about the use of 3.9 kernel which solved the problem. This is the background to my question. Boring I wouldn't exactly call Mageia 3 and nobody likes a distro that crashes all the time. Many thanks for your reply - Stay Happy Moshe.

widget 11-11-2013 03:47 AM

I only started using Linux about 2 weeks after joining this forum. Knew we were going to but thought I should know a bit about what we were getting into. Was not a good time for Mandriva. Started with Ubuntu.

My son on the other hand has used Linux for a while. He started with Mandrake the first distro that tried to be noob friendly.

I think Mageia, though small now, is the true inheritor of the Mandrake tradition. Give them a couple more releases for people to discover them and for them to get a bit bigger team in place so the devs don't burn out and they will be a force to be reconned with.

Mageia 2 was not bad. Mageia 3 ran better for me all through the Cauldron stage than Mageia 2 did. Mageia 3 is an exceptionally good piece of work.

I prefer Xfce and I am going to get a netinstall image and see what happens when I build one from the ground up. Probably have to install 4 (all ready at A3, just checked) soon too.

Don't think anything can pry me away from Debian but that doesn't mean I can't use something else enough to get to know it and suggest it to folks as one of their choices.

GlennsPref 11-18-2013 06:31 PM

Hi, I just installed/upgraded Mageia 3 to Mageia 4 beta 1

and the system is still very stable and working without modification/hacking.

In the early days of my journey with GNU/Linux I tried to keep up with the latest kernels and security,

It was difficult to learn to configure the kernel (recent changes from 2.4.x to 2.6.x tools) but I persisted and generally had a running system.

I did this to get the most from my new hardware (at the time), usb sound box, joy sticks, web cams and even usb mice and keys,
graphics cards by ati and nvidia.

Suffice to say, I no longer try to keep up with the kernel releases,

For more info on kernel releases, like linus-, tmb, rt
(one of these is bleeding edge, tmb? 2.6 Thomas Backlund's Kernels) check out the Mandriva pages.

uname -r

My 2cents, for what it's worth,

cheers Glenn

CincinnatiKid 12-08-2013 09:16 PM


Originally Posted by moshebagelfresser (Post 5061986)
The latest I've seen is 3.8x and I'm wondering if anyone has succeeded in installing a newer Linus Kernel desktop with Headers etc? If so how is it done? I believe Kernel 11 or 12 is the latest. (For .deb installers this exists.)

I run Mageia 3, and some of my video card features were not working with the default mageia kernel that was installed. So I downloaded latest kernel from, and then compiled and installed the kernel like so:


tar Jxvf linux-version.tar.xz #extract linux
cd linux-version
make menuconfig #configure your kernel
su #become root
make modules_install #install kernel moduoles
make install #install kernel, this will update grub also, just select the new kernel from the grub menu

jkerr82508 12-20-2013 03:59 AM

Mageia 3 kernel has been updated to 3.10

The alternate kernels, -rt, -tmb, -vserver and -linus were also updated to 3.10 for Mageia 3.


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