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moshebagelfresser 11-16-2013 11:31 AM

fotoxx installation on Mageia 3
The new fotoxx 13.11.1 is out anybody had any luck upgrading? I downloaded the .tar file. There doesn't appear to be a .rpm.

I tried to install it - no go.

In the Konsol typed make and it told me it needed gtk+-3.pc

Installed the gtk now requests tiffio.h

I presume that it will request the kitchen sink also.

What a how do you do. Can't they make it simple when programming a programme like this?

knudfl 11-16-2013 01:28 PM

'tiffio.h' → → tiff

# urpmi libtiff-devel

moshebagelfresser 11-18-2013 12:56 AM

[moshe@localhost ~]$ cd fotoxx-13.11.1
[moshe@localhost fotoxx-13.11.1]$ make
g++ -O2 -Wall -ggdb -c `pkg-config --cflags gtk+-3.0` -o fotoxx.o
In file included from
fotoxx.h:26:19: fatal error: lcms2.h: No such file or directory

lcms2-2.5-1.mga3.x86_64 is already installed.

Any ideas?

knudfl 11-18-2013 02:10 AM


lcms2-2.5-1.mga3.x86_64 is already installed.
That's not the library. Libraries + development files are missing.
Please learn from post #2 : '-devel' packages are required for building stuff.

# urpmq --fuzzy lcms

# urpmi lib64lcms2-devel

P.S. : The command $ rpm -ql lcms2
.. will show what's in the package that's already installed:
/usr/bin/{jpgicc2 linkicc2 psicc2 tificc2 transicc2}


moshebagelfresser 11-18-2013 04:32 AM

fotoxx-13.11.1 tar install upgrade
Many thanks for your patience and advice it's really appreciated. This is how one learns.

$ rpm -ql lcms2 doesn't show transicc2 do I need to install it if so how?

With your help it upgraded and installed many thanks. Below is a copy of the programme readme.

Installation of fotoxx from source tarball

Building fotoxx requires the following packages:
g++ the Gnu C++ compiler and linker
libgtk3.0-dev GTK3 graphics library (GUI base)
libtiff4-dev read/write tiff-8/16 image files
libpng12-dev read/write png-8/16 image files
liblcms2-dev change color space (sRGB/Adobe RGB)

At run time the following packages are also needed:
exiftool read/write metadata (EXIF etc.)
dcraw convert camera RAW files to TIFF
ufraw GUI interface for dcraw
xdg-utils LSB standard Linux utilities
binutils GNU binary utilities
brasero needed to write images to CD/DVD

The above are recent Debian names. Package naming is chaotic
so you may have to to hunt down the names for your distro.

Build and install fotoxx as follows:
1. Download the tar file (fotoxx-N.N.tar.gz) to Desktop
2. Open a terminal window
3. $ cd Desktop # go to Desktop
4. $ tar -xzf fotoxx-N.N.tar.gz # unpack to ./fotoxx
5. $ cd fotoxx # go there
6. $ make # build program
7. $ sudo make install # install program

Missing dependencies will cause error messages in step 6.
Install these from your repository and repeat step 6.

Step 7 moves all files to the following locations:
/usr/bin/fotoxx binary executable
/usr/share/fotoxx/ icons, translations ...
/usr/share/doc/fotoxx/ user guide, README ...
For step 7, use "sudo" or "su -c" for root privileges.

Please review the user guide (Help menu) before trying fotoxx.

If $PREFIX is defined, files go there instead of /usr.
If $DESTDIR is also defined, files go to $DESTDIR$PREFIX.
exiftool (package name varies) must be version 8.60 or later.
Please do not move any files into a separate "documentation"
or "data" package, since this may make Fotoxx non-functional
if installed without the extra packages.

knudfl 11-18-2013 07:43 AM

# 5 .

Building fotoxx requires the following packages:
You can ignore the "Debian prerequisites".

All real dependencies will be asked for at $ ./configure
( Some may appear at $ make ).

And : It's # make install , not $ sudo make install
.. when you are using Mageia.


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