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dugan 12-02-2012 09:23 AM

Why can't I edit my post?
I want to edit this post but can't:

The "Edit" button does not appear between the "Report" and "Quote" buttons, even though this is a post that I've made and the thread has not been locked. I want to update the URLs in the posts.

I am aware that users have requested that posts be made un-editable after a certain amount of time. I am also aware of two recent incidents where the ability to edit old posts has been abused. Is that the explanation?

knudfl 12-02-2012 12:08 PM

The current "Edit limit" seems to be two weeks.

I can edit my posts dated 17 Nov 2012.
But not posts dated 16 Nov 2012.

You could try asking a mod to take care of the edit.


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