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jeremy 12-31-2002 12:11 PM

The 2002 Members Choice Awards are now open for voting
The 2002 Members Choice Awards are officially underway. Visit and make your voice heard. If you think I have missed a topic or an option in a poll please let me know. The polls close March first.


gboutwel 01-15-2003 09:51 PM

Database suggestion
Suggestion: Firebird for an DB

ksandre 01-21-2003 07:22 AM

In the browser catagory, I'd like to see "Dillo" included. However, the way the question is asked, makes it impossible because Dillo has not developed to the point of handling all of the features for this type of WEB site. I still really like the application quite alot [it's very fast] and would hope that it will continue to get attention and be developed.

The Home Page for the Dillo WEB Browser is:


rockdw 01-31-2003 11:33 AM

How about a category for messaging clients? (gaim,everybuddy, licq,xirc, etc.)

jeremy 01-31-2003 11:52 AM

I like the idea. It is a bit late to add a new award now, but I will add this award to the 2003 list. Thanks.


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