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moeminhtun 01-15-2003 02:10 AM

This website is really greate and really wonderful.

MasterC 01-15-2003 02:45 AM

I disagree...

There have been plenty of times that I've (a little too quickly) replied to a thread and have been completely off. I don't go back and edit my answer, even though it's obviously wrong. I leave it there to show that I am human, and there is that tiny small ounce of a chance that my reply may help at some point anyway.

However, if I wanted to not look so stupid (which might be a good idea sometimes :D ) then I should have the option to go back and say "sorry, obviously I was mistaken on the question, please disregard my post", rather than having to have a moderate delete/alter my post for me. Also, if I find new evidence to support my answer, and find it too quickly to see there was already a reply, when I would go back in to edit my response to include this "new found" material, then I'd actually have to create an entire new post (which isn't a huge deal, but sometimes can detract from the overall value of your post).

Now if users could "delete" their posts, I could see this as a problem, for various reasons, but I don't think the edit option should be removed as it can still be used for valued comments completely related to that reply; but since users cannot delete posts, I don't see this being too big of a deal (as most people don't go back and try to make themselves look superior, or cause problems, lucky us to have a wonderful site! :) )


moeminhtun 01-15-2003 03:13 AM

See master?

MasterC 01-15-2003 01:15 PM

ha ha ha, that's cool. Like I said, I don't think that happens often enough to where it should be an issue of taking away the ability to edit your own posts.

However, that's just my HO, so let's see what others think ;)

Oh, and you might consider appending one of your messages to allow others to see what it is you are talking about, or add another...


moeminhtun 01-16-2003 02:31 AM

Ahhh!!! Look guys!! MasterC doesn't agree that this site is wonderful. :D

just kidding!

Ok i'm going to explain to you guys what is going on in this thread otherwise you will be very confused.
Actuall I posted a suggestion at the very first post of this thread.
This is my original post.

Currently, in this site, a user still can edit his post even after somebody has already replied to it. So what can possibily happen is that the successive posts that reply to it will turn out to be very unrelated or funny or confusing or something like that.
So my suggestion is that
A user should NOT be able to edit his post if somebody has already reply to it.

So I posted the above suggestion as my first post of this thread.
Then MasterC replied that he disgree as you can see in the second post of this thread.
So I changed my first post to demonstrate how funny and unrelated it can be if one edit his post after somebody has already replied to it.

Well that's the story. How do you guys think of this issue?
I know it doesn't happen so often. But it still can happen you see.
(And I know this is not a big issue anyway)

MasterC 01-16-2003 02:50 AM

:D That was truly very funny! I was confused when I saw your reply, then I happen to go back and read the first post again, and started busting up laughing, :D

Yes, I see this type of thing happen on other boards (completely unrelated to linux) all the time, especially by the power hungry abusive mods. However, on this site, I've seen a similar thing happen only once (in fact, it was between myself and 1 other individual and we completely misunderstood each other and were "arguing" and decided to edit our posts, he he he, then in the end we edited them back to original form anyway).


Even though you did a very nice job demonstrating this, I still say it's probably not something that would need to be implimented as it would take away, rather than add to the greatness of this site. But again, this is simply My teensie weensie little opinion, which holds what, 1/22,000th of the vote ;) (and even then, our President, Jeremy, can veto it :D )


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