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stoat 11-13-2012 06:14 PM

Sometimes I cannot log out of this forum
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To me, this seems to have started recently, and it happens often. I did at least some searching here for an existing explanation without finding one.

Anyway, it goes like this... I click on [Log Out]. I click the OK button when asked if I am sure. For a second it appears to have logged me out, but then a black banner appears at the top of the page with the statement "You have been logged in as stoat using your Questions Network account"...
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Then, after a few seconds, the black message banner vanishes and the blue box in the normal nav banner shows me logged in and offers [Log Out] again. Usually, I can repeat the process many times and never get logged out. What is that all about? It surely isn't right. And it positively is annoying.

stoat 11-13-2012 10:30 PM

Okay. Here is a thread from two summers ago about this very matter.
That thread has some theories and possible connections, but I didn't see any explanation or resolution for this matter in that thread. And regarding jeremy's comment in post #6 that what I'm seeing is not real, that I really am logged out when I see this stuff, well that's wrong. I just did the whole thing again and came right back here to post this without having to log in.

P.S.: One clarification of what I'm seeing, just for accuracy... Click [Log Out]. Click the OK button that I'm sure. The "Are you sure" dialog closes but I'm still shown logged in. Click [Log Out] again. Click the OK button again. Now is when it looks like I am logged out for one second followed by the black banner for a couple of more seconds. Then the black banner vanishes and I'm shown logged in with "Welcome, stoat. [Log Out]" back again. And it is at this point that every click on [Log Out] produces the one-second-logout-black-banner-log-in thing, and it can be repeated infinitely. And I really am logged in. I posted this after what I just described. If I close the Firefox browser, restart it, and return, then I have to log in again.

jeremy 11-14-2012 12:18 PM

Thanks for the heads up. We'll look into why some people are being automatically logged back in. In the interim, if you ensure you do not check the "Remember Me" box and manually delete all LQ-related cookies once, you should be logged out as expected.


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