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lackluster 07-06-2002 05:50 PM

See what we've posted
Sorry if this has already been posted, I didn't wanna wade through all of these threads. When you post on a topic it's hard to remember which ones you've posted on, so can this board get a different icon on the threads we've posted on? Like the vBulliten board @ has. To see what I mean you'd have to register and then post a message in thier test forum or somewhere (or perhaps you have a legitamite question) to see what I'm talking about. I think that would be very helpful.

jpweston 07-06-2002 06:49 PM

When you post to a thread, I believe it is automatically stored in your "Subscribed threads" section of the User CP. You can see everything thread you've posted to there. It's easier too since then you don't have to scroll through the threads in a forum to find the one's you've posted to.


trickykid 07-06-2002 06:59 PM

You can also do a search on yourself to view all your posts.

jeremy 07-06-2002 08:03 PM

The current machine really can not support many more features (and this one is especially resource intensive). When we have the new machine something like this wouldn't be out of the question.


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