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jonaskoelker 05-13-2006 05:17 AM

"Preview post" not faithful wrt. page layout

Wheneven you preview a post, it gets rendered without the left-hand side user information thingemy. As such, the preview doesn't reflect the actual result--the lines are longer. As that stresses the eyes, it's hard to tell whether your post is hard to read because you suck at writing, or because your eyes have to span a too wide area (see also about "66 characters").

In any case, the preview is unfaithful to how the post is going to look when you submit it, and I would like to see that amended (please ignore the fact that not everybody use firefox on my computer :D).

The principal argument I see against this is that it helps to have the preview look different from normal posts, so that the user is in no doubt that the post hasn't been posted. While I completely agree, I think the same can be accomplished in the user information box, for instance by putting a big red "This is a preview" in the user information box, and nothing else.

Anyways, thanks for keeping up the good work --Jonas

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