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Pearlseattle 05-08-2013 04:02 PM

New quick link for "unsolved" threads?
Most probably this question has already been asked a trillion time in the past & will be in the future. Unluckily I couldn't resist asking one more time (I'm one of those stubborn swiss non-EU guys :p )

would it be possible to integrate into the "Quick Links" something for threads that are not marked as "solved"?

I >>personally<< don't think that many users mark their thread as being solved when a solution is provided and I usually like to do just a two-steps action to look for something I can dig into ("Quick Links => Zero Reply Threads").
Maybe putting such a quick link would 1) lower the amount of threads that are not officially marked as "solved" and 2) give more options to the persons that posted the questions by getting more feedback from more persons which would otherwise exclude the thread if at least 1 answer was provided (mmmhhh, that sounds like me...)

I am aware that I can save my search query but maybe many users just don't have the courage to click on the "Advance search" link (that's me again) or they want to have a blank search as default (I'm not aware of the possibility to save multiple predefined search queries...).


jeremy 05-14-2013 02:37 PM

Thanks for the feedback. This isn't something we planned to add in the near future, but is it something members would find useful?


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