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jeremy 12-01-2003 07:54 PM

New Distro Forum - CollegeLinux
Another Distribution has joined Please welcome CollegeLinux. I'd like to thank David, who worked with me to get the forum setup and will be participating under the username gurugeek.


MasterC 12-02-2003 01:20 AM

Welcome to LQ CollegeLinux/gurugeek! :)


trickykid 12-02-2003 08:48 AM

Welcome aboard College Linux.

/me has been meaning to install since I've downloaded the iso but I just managed to get Xandros installed on one machine and still fighting to get it to boot up.. :cry:

286 12-02-2003 01:10 PM


trickykid 12-02-2003 04:29 PM

Xandros just didn't like the system I was installing on so I've now installed College to mess around with.. so far so good, since its based off Slackware, I'm liking it... :D

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