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vharishankar 09-18-2004 05:04 AM

Member rating system
Hello jeremy.

What is the method by which you rate members of this forum? Or do you have any rating system at all?

I know that you have usertitles based on number of posts etc. but is there any kind of rating wherein you know which members are contributing a lot and which are not?

I also want to know how you appoint moderators? I know that there is something in the FAQ about this, but I would like to know a bit more about this. Or is it a secret? :)

masand 09-18-2004 05:47 AM


u need t o check this thread for ur moderator query


XavierP 09-18-2004 06:11 AM

There is no rating system used on LQ - and member titles are awarded on number of posts.

david_ross 09-18-2004 06:18 AM

Although LQ doesn't have it's own rating system there are affero buttons for users that use affero.

masand 09-18-2004 08:54 AM

hi there

rating members won't be a good idea
because noone here wants to give a wrong advice,
everyone tries out his/her best for helping someone and those who do not wish to help out someone do not go for posting anything


vharishankar 09-18-2004 09:25 AM

I was aware that there were several threads that asked the moderator question.

But none of them answered straight whether it is based on ranking or number of posts etc.

What I wanted to know was whether the website owner had an internal ranking system for members.

However I guess that the thing is rather more subjective than objective. I guess that the easiest way to become a moderator is to create my own online forum :D :D and I also had a question about that here:

If anybody experienced in this can advice please follow the link above. Thanks!

jeremy 09-18-2004 09:34 AM


Originally posted by Harishankar

What I wanted to know was whether the website owner had an internal ranking system for members.

Nope, I don't.


vharishankar 09-18-2004 09:40 AM

Thanks jeremy :) I clicked the "Answered" button at the bottom, though I don't know in what way that affects this thread.

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