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Andy@DP 09-09-2003 05:52 AM

just a thought
I want a clapping smilie.. I posted a message over in the RH forum and first wanted to praise you site admin for the wonderful forum but no clapping smilie to go after the round of applause.

Thanks ;)

Andy@DP 09-09-2003 02:48 PM

Another thought.
What about seperating the programming forums into languages?
This way me, a php/java kind of guy can look for new posts without having to wade through bash/perl stuff. Or even seperate into topics such as web, gui, shell etc.

I think its a good idea.

trickykid 09-09-2003 02:51 PM

Well, considering that we don't get alot of traffic in Programming but more of a focus on all the other forums, I really don't see the need yet to split this forum up. It's really easy to sort thru them as most usually will make good titles in what they are attempting/asking, etc.

Andy@DP 09-16-2003 07:43 AM

What about my clapping smilie idea!
I want to applaud good advice...


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