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jeremy 08-18-2000 12:37 AM

/home is now completely on the new drive. If everything runs smoothly tonight hopefully I will get a chance to move everything else tomorrow morning. To give you an idea of the speed difference of the 2 drives here are some quick benchmarks.

Old IDE:
Timing buffered disk reads: 64 MB in 35.78 seconds = 1.79 MB/sec

New SCSI drive:
Timing buffered disk reads: 64 MB in 5.66 seconds = 11.31 MB/sec

The cached throughput was not so disparate, but the SCSI drive has 4MB cache while the IDE has 512k so there should be more cache hits on the new drive.

jeremy 08-18-2000 04:45 PM

Almost everything is on the new drive. The only thing I have left is / which I plan on doing monday morning.

bickford 08-18-2000 05:11 PM

nice speed
I can definitely tell a difference, there used to be a good 2-5 sec pause while your old ide drive tried to cache up the page, but practically no lag at all with the new drive. It's pretty much coming in as fast as Netscape will load it! =)

jeremy 08-18-2000 06:25 PM

Glad to hear it. I just benchmarked the SCSI drive again now that everything is setup and I am consistently getting 17 MB/sec. I am interested in what others out there are getting. I am going to start a thread in the General section with the benchmarks (which admittedly are VERY rudimentary and not entirely indicative of REAL WORLD performance). I would appreciate followups with a bechmark from your machine. Thanks!

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