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berrance 03-02-2005 03:32 PM

hcl entries
can a mod please tell me why my hcl entries is still at 0 dispite entering 2 reviews? is it because they are reviews and not products but even on the hcl main page where it says last review it still says yesterday even though it has been submited and i have checked! this is also the case for the reviews

i am not botherd by this just kind of curios as to the reason

but please keep the HCL listing coming it to help LQ's HCL grow



acid_kewpie 03-02-2005 03:49 PM

it is the number of products you have originally added, not the number of reviews on existing entries. you can see that all items have an original poster, whcih is who gets that "point".

I've moved this to WS&F

trickykid 03-02-2005 08:26 PM

A quick search would have found this answer, a similiar question about the reviews which works the same way was asked just a few days ago:

berrance 03-03-2005 03:51 AM

thanks for the info i had a feeling it may be something like that like i said in my first post

thanks for clearing that up


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