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Citizen Bleys 03-28-2001 08:21 AM

What are the custom ranks on this board?

jeremy 03-28-2001 09:59 AM

Right now it is just Newbie, Member and Guru. I have been thinking of adding some more though.

trickykid 03-28-2001 10:56 AM

When is the mark to become a guru? That is when I retire my jersey and start over as a Newbie again.....hehe.

jeremy 03-28-2001 08:08 PM

I set the bar kind of high ;)

1000 posts!

Citizen Bleys 03-29-2001 05:16 PM

You should definitely change "Admin" to "root", but I'm sort of stumped as to rank suggestions--I'll sleep on it, though, and maybe get back to you on Monday.

NGene 03-31-2001 05:20 AM

I'm with Citizen Bleys here. "root" sounds a lot better than "Admin"... this is a Linux forum, huh? ;)

Umm... and when does a Newbie become Member?

jeremy 03-31-2001 08:38 AM

hmmm...root's not a bad idea. I may change that. I takes 30 posts to become a member.

Copenhagen Cowboy 04-02-2001 11:06 AM

I agree with having root instead of admin.

Just one little question. Is there any particular reason why you set guru so high??

Citizen Bleys 04-05-2001 06:44 AM

Actually, I agree with that one; You wouldn't want a "guru" who doesn't know much about Linux--One way to be BLOODY sure that a guru is very knowledgeable about Linux is to make sure he/she/it is around this board for a bugger of a long time :)

oulevon 04-11-2001 07:29 PM

I'd have to agree with the high quotas for posts. When I was studying for sun's java exam I was a member at javaranch, which is a similar board to this, and there's a forum for certification results. People would congratulate everyone who ever passed the test just to up their ranks. The posts weren't ever pertinent.

carlcromer 04-19-2001 08:05 PM

cable modem anti-guru
I may get 1000 posts just trying to install my cable modem.

carlcromer 04-19-2001 08:20 PM

guru status
If you assigned each post a number then when a problem was resolved they could post the problem # and the person to solve it. If you go by number of posts that does not assure that the post was even helpfull or correct. TrickyKid in the short time I have been on this board has answered my questions and did it in a timely matter. For that I would like to thank him and the admins of this board.

trickykid 04-20-2001 06:50 AM

Hey thanks carlcromer, all I do at work is browse and try to help out, its seems at times I do more work here on these threads than I do at my job or solve more problems here since my job is not as challenging.

PickUpAPenquin 04-20-2001 08:04 AM

Hi Jeremy

Is that a 1000 pounds or a 1000 posts to become a guru?

It's not me that's asking - it's some guy called Bill.

On one PC help site I visited, people who posted answers to questions were awarded points, based on what value the person who posted the question gave to the answer. (did it resolve the problem, or was it misinformation?) If there were a lot of replies with the same answer, obviously, the person who replied first would get the points.

I have no doubt that I will be posting more messages - but you wouldn't give me the title of guru if, after a thousand postings, I still couldn't log on as root, now would you?

I'm delighted to have found this site, I am sure I'm going to use it quite often, you poor souls.

Is there a ranking for a 'pain-in-the-*ss'?


trickykid 04-20-2001 11:51 AM

Well, as of now, this will be number 492, I joined this forum back in January. That is 110 days, that means I am averaging 4.5 posts a day, oh man now I realize I have no life. Anyways, I think if you had 1000 posts, and became a guru but still couldn't log in as root, that would be a problem and I would feel or be scared of what kind of answers you were giving.

One idea though would be, anyone who starts a thread shouldn't be given credit to a post, I would say about what 99% of the time it is a question and not an answer. Someone could come and join, ask a 1000 questions and become a guru...I guess if they kept the knowledge they just might be. I couldn't come up with a thousand diferent questions.

Oh yeah, to add, no one should get a post credit for this forum right here, it is usually non linux related and we usually post stupid crap like my very own post right here.

[Edited by trickykid on 04-20-2001 at 12:55 PM]

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