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J.W. 09-01-2005 01:35 AM

Conditional display of "HCL Entries" and "Reviews" ?
It appears that all members have the "HCL Entries" and "Reviews" links below their user info, even if they haven't submitted any HCL entries or Reviews. While I recognize that this represents an improvement in the evolution of the original "HCL count" statistic from several months ago, could this be taken one step further, and only display these links when the member really has an HCL entry or Review? I've run into a number of dead ends lately, where I was interested in seeing what a few given members had submitted only to find that there were no results, and it seems better to only display these links when they, well, link to something. This is not a significant issue, but it seems more intuitive to only display the links if they would connect to a write-up.

In other words, treat the HCL entries and Reviews in the same way that the LQ Social Bookmarks and Wiki Edits are treated, where the links only appear when there is something to link to. Just my 2 cents -- J.W.

jeremy 09-01-2005 08:53 AM

The current implementation was done to save SQL queries due to a schema limitation. We'll correct this when we redesign the forums. I'd agree that the setup you suggest is the proper way to handle this.


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