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ichrispa 01-13-2006 05:17 AM

beginners documentation project?
When I started using LQ I mostly encountered questions like "Exotic software package wont work with exotic hardware" and "when I try to configure this I encounter this error".

As of late I keep running into people unable to handle the most basic things, like the directory structure of linux, file permissions, variable assignment in BASH and so on.
These are in my opinion the first things one should know about linux, just next to how bootloaders, partitions, threads and so on function. However people keep treating linux more and more like a "click, install and use" system. If they needed that, windows might be more suitable for them...

The plus of linux its its transparency and adaptability and users should be made aware of that. It is exactly this aspect that makes linux so powerful, not the dependency upon products but to be able to create "your own computer", a perfectly adjusted system that does what the users wants it to, not what some software of unexplainable function does in the background.

Might it in this context be helpful to start some sort of project documenting "The first steps" in linux, from partitioning and installing to the systems basic functions? Not in the form of type and this should happen, but the theory behind it (what is a primary, what an extended partition, how do they work, why has this system been chosen, etc.). Or does such a project perhaps already exist but the LQ users are not made sufficiently aware of it?

trickykid 01-13-2006 05:19 AM

Sounds like something for the LQ Wiki.... ;)

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