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jeremy 10-14-2003 10:31 PM

A Question for LQ Lurkers
I have a question for the members who visit often but don't post (and also the ones who rarely post). Is there a reason that you don't post? Is there something we could change that would make you want to post? Let me know what you think. Thanks!


BTW if you are a member that posts often but think you have some insight feel free to post too...

jeremy 10-14-2003 10:33 PM

BTW, yes I see the irony of asking members who don't post to post the reason(s) they don't :rolleyes:


rodviking 10-15-2003 01:06 AM

Never posted
Everytime I have a question I can find the answer somewhere in the forums already, so that's why I never needed to post.. :D

geek9823 10-15-2003 01:06 AM

I am a linux newbie, and I have lived off of this site. I know nothing. The reason I don't post is simply that I generally don't even know how to describe my problem. That or I am able to find an answer by searching the forums.

jimjacobs62 10-15-2003 01:14 AM

I feel a little intimidated since I have a very rudimentry understanding of linux. I'm still trying to understand the file structure and such. Plus I have had some success in garnering my answers from various web searches.

msogelee 10-15-2003 01:24 AM

I think that most of the people here are newbies, like me, and that dont know an answer to a question or are afraid to point into a wrong direction.

I have been working with SuSe 8.2 now for about 3 months but it is hard to use it for 100% in an enviroment where everything is windows orientated.

pe2338 10-15-2003 01:31 AM

/me thinks that the search engine is good but could be better.
It returns answers that are not restricted enough. By that I mean that a search, for example, for "NVIDIA drivers" does two searches, one for NVIDIA and one for drivers but each of the searches is done on the whole forum. Or at least that's what I observed...

This way we will have more satisfied lurkers that will become better linux users and might answer in the future...

Axo 10-15-2003 01:47 AM

Re: Never posted

Originally posted by rodviking
Everytime I have a question I can find the answer somewhere in the forums already, so that's why I never needed to post.. :D


Manini 10-15-2003 01:50 AM

Re: Re: Never posted

Originally posted by AXO


Same here, I am a noob at linux and most of my questions are already answered here, so I rarely have to post. I still have a lot of :study: :study: :study: :study: to do :rolleyes:

Back_Water_Tech 10-15-2003 01:58 AM

why i don't post often

I am new to Linux (less than a year under my belt). Like many of us here, I will search the forum for the problem that I am having (that someone else is also having) and see if the found solution works.

I know you guys love to help out newbies, but you are human. if you see the same questions over and over, well I would get tired of that real fast. that is why i search for the answers that i need.

For the most part, I find what I need that way. It works best for everyone if we look for an answer before we ask questions.

Besides, I like to read. Sometimes I find things that I didn't know was a problem on my machine until I read about it.

The times that i did need help, you guys were right there to assist me in my endeavors. Thank you very much.

Just remember that Linux is not win-blows. Once it is up and running right, you don't have to constantly tweak it to keep it running right!

Keep up the good work! We newbies love you for it!


computerjunkie 10-15-2003 02:37 AM

I don't post because I am new, but can usually find any prob. I come up with using either search or google or a manual, I guess I just hate being the one asking questions, feels like I'm a neusanceand bugging everyone if I post. But I love reading and learning and these are the best forums for that!!! You guys ROCK!

Balban 10-15-2003 02:42 AM

I am a newbie to Linux, I am a quiet person, and I do not want to send people in the wrong direction. All the problems I have had have all ready been posted and answered, so I have not needed to post a question.

so i am a :newbie: still :study: about Linux

Robert_hd123 10-15-2003 02:52 AM

I don't Post that often, because I am German and my English isn't
that Good. Another Reasen is, I use the "Search" key very often
and up to now I found some solutions for my questions.


P.S. Sorry for my english ...

mausie 10-15-2003 02:58 AM

newbie here, and i signed up for 2 questions
maybe more soon.. but not like its a bad forum
it rox.. only good 1 i know about linux

robinhall@f2s.c 10-15-2003 03:51 AM

Maybe I m too impatient and/or stupid but I do find it difficult to find my way around. Mostly I seem to be told that I am not authorised to access certain parts.

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