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Tridibesh 09-14-2013 09:22 AM

Unable to install OS on hard disk after failed to format linux partition from Windows
I am using lenovo B560 laptop with 500GB HDD. I have two OS(Opensuse 12.3 & Windows7) installed in the hard disk. Suddenly my linux became slow and started blocking me to see the login screen and login via GUI. So I thought of reformatting the linux root "/" partition from windows and reinstall it. So I open the disk partitions from the windows disk manager and tried to delete one of the linux partition. But it did not delete and hanged. So I cancelled the process and came out of the disk manager. But after that when I rebooted the system, I got a grub rescue shell saying unknown file system error. It is not allowing me to boot windows also. I have tried to reinstall linux(opensuse 12.3) or boot from live CD. But both are not loading saying like " Killing process" and IO error. If I try to boot from Windows 8 DVD, it is hanging to the welcome screen and there is no progress if I keep it like that for 1 hour also. I did not try with Win7 as I don't have that as of now.
If I remove the HDD and try to boot from live CD it is booting.
I tried to connect the HDD putting into external HDD case to the live linux session. But when ever I am connecting the same, it is getting hanged. If I connect the HDD to some other windows machine putting inside the eternal HDD case, the driver is not installing properly and it is not getting detected. All my important data is residing inside a windows NTFS partition of 400GB and I want to restore that from that HDD.
Please note: The linux partitions were formatted with BTRFS and it was LVM partition except the /boot.
Partition table was as below:-

windows system partition of 200 MB
/boot - ext4 - non LVM
/ - btrfs - LVM -- tried to format this partition only
/home - btrfs - lvm
/var- btrfs - lvm
/tmp - btrfs - lvm
/windows/windows_C -ntfs
/windows/windows_D - ntfs :-- All data is stored here and it was untouched.

Please help me how to restore the data from D-drive.
Thanks in advance.

DavidMcCann 09-14-2013 11:25 AM

I can't answer your question (I'd never use Windows, LVM, or btrfs) but I can tell you you're unlikely to get an answer here. I found your post by checking zero-reply threads, but no-one is going to be looking in a closed job-vacancies thread! Ask a moderator to move to a proper section.

Tridibesh 09-14-2013 11:19 PM

@David, thanks for your suggestion. Can you please help me to move the post to the proper thread. I never use or post in LQ. So I don't have any idea who is moderator and how to request him to move the post to the proper place.

colucix 09-15-2013 01:49 AM

The quick way is to report your own post and ask (please notice the REPORT button in the lower-right corner of your posts). A moderator of the forum to which the post belong will take care of your request.

I've reported this thread for closure now, since you've already posted a duplicate in the Newbie forum.

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