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spokeo 10-12-2006 02:19 AM

Sr. Linux Systems Administrator (Gentoo) - Silicon Valley - 100k
Positon: Senior System Administrator/Release Engineer for Ruby on Rails on Gentoo Linux
Company: Startup in Mountain View, CA (Silicon Valley area)

Company Background
Spokeo, Inc ( is a young and lean 6 person startup working on a creative way to organize personal content across many social networks. Our engineers have done good development work, but now we need to productionize our application. We are looking for an experienced system administrator/release engineer to jump in and contribute.

We have the loose and dedicated work culture of a startup founded by Stanford graduate students, but we also have the security of private funding.

Job is available immediately. We are looking to hire! Compensation is market rate salary (up to 100k) with stock options befitting an early-stage startup. Must be full-time and on-site. Please contact and/or call (650) 988-9007.

We are looking for someone to take over our small
development cluster and medium-sized production cluster (20 servers) to
-improve highly available topologies
-improve server and proceses monitoring
-extract performance information
-update deployment process as codebase evolves
-let the developers rest easy at night!

We are looking for a candidate who can work independently and take ownership of all IT-related issues. When code-related issues arise, the candidate will work with the technical development lead directly to address problems. Otherwise, the candidate is on his own. Since we hope to expand our service in the future, we are looking for a candidate who can transition into the team leader of a small IT team.

- Necessary Skills
BS in Computer Science, Information Technology, Infomation Science, or
System Administration
Ability to work independently
Ability to architect new subsystems and re-architect existing
subsystems as the need arises
Engineering mindset (make system robust!)
Experience in administering large production clusters
Experience in Linux
Experience in server monitoring tools
Experience in Raid, NFS, iptables, NAT schemes
Experience in administration of Apache andd MySQL
Experience in scripting in Perl, Python, or Bash

- Beneficial Skills
Experience with Gentoo
Experience with Ruby on Rails
Experience with MySQL replication
Experience with Mongrel webserver
Experience with the Capistrano deployment tool
Knowledge of Linux Virtual Server, heartbeat, ldirectord, keepalive,
Ultra Monkey
Software development experience

nycace36 01-16-2007 02:39 PM ad
No LQ responses to this in last few months?
Was not able to get beyond initial "Additional plug-ins required" page of to get further info on their ad.

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