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hope1 11-22-2006 03:43 PM

SEZZO 2 CV Linux Developer hire at $80-100 per hour

A friend of mine in San Jose, CA. works for SEZZO labs, a company who has many OEM contracts with the likes of HP, SUN and ADAPTEC. I am not a high powered recruiter, just a guy who appreciates LINUX, and has used it before (a newbie). If I am successful at helping to recruit a Linux engineer for this position. There are 12 more positions that I will be posting individually. The Company is on the post subject line so.... Anyway, it is very reputable company. If you are qualified canidate for the posistion, please send a resume to: I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

SEZZO 2 CV Linux Developer hire at $80-100 per hour

Systems Group is the innovation engine leveraging the firm’s enterprise systems leadership into a top position in the x64 market.

Our group develops hardware and software for scalable high performance, elegantly-designed, leading-edge x64-based systems. We design and integrate state-of-the-art, secure, and easy to use system management as a core component.

Our systems are optimized for the leading Operating Systems: Sun Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows.

We are a dynamic, flexible fast-paced group that thrives on unexpected innovation and challenging the status quo.

This position is for an OS bring-up engineer for the network server group of the Systems Group within Sun. The candidate will bring-up Linux on new hardware and troubleshoot issues that arise.

Senior programming skills with extensive Linux kernel and configuration experience is critical to success within this role.

Kernel-level programming and debugging , networks/file systems, performance tuning, and/or Open Source experience are also crucial.

Candidates of interest will have software development backgrounds and have the ability to display a solid understanding of system architecture. Position will also provided support for both internal and external customers on OS issues directly related to Systems Group hardware.


* C or C++ language. Detail oriented. Strong verbal and written

communication skills.

* Team player, candidate must be able to work with multiple

engineering teams.

* This candidate must also be able to work with minimal direction.

* Lead experience.


* Experience with Linux device drivers.

* Experience with high performance servers and high performance

x86-based multiprocessor system architecture.

* Good understanding of how different sections of x86 servers interrelate (Hardware, Firmware, OS internals ... etc) and the

ability use this knowledge to debug issues on new and existing


* Experience with source management tools such as CVS or subversion.

Ability to create RPM driver installation files for distribution

to internal and external customers.

This position may vary between a MTS3, SW or MTS4, SW(Z-07 or

Z-09) depending on the experience of the candidate.







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