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assembla 10-05-2011 02:24 PM

Seeking Web Apps Sys Admins telecommute/remote
Assembla is seeking a Web system administrator and developer to help build and manage sites for Assembla, and for clients that are launching new Web and cloud-based products. We are looking for a serious engineer to join a team that does both product development and production server administration. We have colleagues working in Europe, North America, Hawaii and elsewhere, and are looking to complement them with additional talented individuals to fully staff a 247 sysadmin team. Preference will be given to candidates in American or Asian timezones.
The successful candidate can install, update, and maintain a system with MySQL, Apache, Nginx, haproxy, Ruby on Rails, Capistrano, Passenger, mail servers, cron daemons, runsv and monit, etc. The ideal candidate can also program in Ruby and and other scripting languages.
  • Experience configuring and administering linux systems
  • Programming and scripting skills
  • Understanding of security issues
  • Understanding of Web services and cloud / virtual servers along with standard physical servers
  • Experience administering servers remotely
  • Ruby on Rails experience very helpful
  • Experience working on a remote based team. Understanding of systems like subversion and git.
  • Broadband internet with unrestricted access to global servers
  • Ability to troubleshoot and solve complicated systems using standard open-source tools

This is a telecommuting job. You can work at home or in a remote office with a computer, broadband networking, and skype phone/IM service. All successful candidates will begin with a paid, short, part-time or full-time trial period. If that goes well, we will make long-term, full-time contract.

Visit and click APPLY on this page. Please post a resume, a desired hourly rate, and the numbers of hours that you have available per week. Candidates may be contacted for a brief review and then invited to take part in a work trial as described above.

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