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munichtexan 10-02-2006 10:07 PM

Electronic Design Software Integration/Application Engineer
General Criteria
Software integration/applications engineer Brno, Czech Republic.

Minimum PhD in sciences or MS with equivalent work experience.
Should define and implement methods of verifying quality of code produced by individually and by others.
Should be able to define and integrate software into overall package.
Software knowledge of distributed processing, compiling and sophisticated debugging approaches. Primary knowledge of C++, F90, tk/tcl and 64 bit coding techniques.
May assist in more complicated customer service requests, but will assist customer in learning the software.
Should evaluate customer, university, institute, open source and competitive software in comparison to company code.
Required to stay on top of recent technology progressions in relation to the software offered by the company.
Should actively look at publications and ways of promoting the company through solid, investigative publications that are pertinent to the company and its customers.
Must be able to work both as an individual contributor and as a valued member of the group or family.
Honesty, integrity, hard work and initiative are highly prized and will be properly rewarded. All employees need to understand the meaning of "company confidential" and abide accordingly.
Travel should be anticipated with possible extended stays in the United States.
English proficiency is required.

Specific Duties
Job #2: Electronic Design Software integration/applications engineer. Specific knowledge preferred - Asynchronous Electronic Design Software support for Behavioural synthesis through Back end. Familiar with most databases, statistical approaches and the application of these approaches to engineering problems.

Integrate PSIDA_database into overall Electronic Design through Wafer Verification software.

Integrate wafer lithography simulation results upstream into overall electronic design software packages where appropriate through the PSIDA_database.

Utilize company's statistical packages for analyis of data.

Please send email of interest and resume to

Next interview periods:
Tallinn, Estonia will be 11th of October until 16th of October, 2006
Brno, Czech Republic will be 18 of October until 29th of October, 2006.

PSIDA Lithography & Software LLC is a Texas, USA based LLC headquartered in the Austin, Texas, USA area.
Suse 10.0
Hp Pavilion 64 bit AMD Athlon

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